First of all, Matajuegos is a bilingual blog about videogames. It’s like other such blogs in that it’s about videogames, and we hope it’s different from them when it comes to everything else.

Second of all, Matajuegos is:

  • thinking about videogames from different perspectives,
  • writing about videogames in new ways for the Spanish-speaking world, even if it’s already been said a few times in English,
  • translating the most interesting pieces on interactive art into Spanish, so we can make them available to as many people as possible,
  • being fascinated by the amount of great games that are coming from the most unexpected places,
  • remaining fascinated by games coming from the usual places,
  • delighting in the relationship of videogames with culture, politics, friendship, affection, consciousness, care, the rest of the arts, and other games,
  • contributing with our critique to expanding the intellectual tools we use to play and make games,
  • killing videogames today to give birth to them again tomorrow.