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Is this the end of Matajuegos? Yes.

Exactly 8 years ago, on Tuesday, March 15th, 2016, Matajuegos was born as a blog for videogame criticism and analysis from a social and Latin American perspective. About 4 years later, in the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic, we started consolidating as a horizontal and cooperative game dev studio. Today, after another 4 years, and a long string of successes we’re very proud of, we have decided to close our doors.

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An Illustrious Lustrum

Today, Matajuegos turns 5. It never occurred to us, back in 2016 when we started the blog, to try to imagine what half a decade of sustained videogame criticism and analysis from a social, artistic, and Latin American perspective would look like. Much less what it’d be like to reach such a round and neat number in the middle of the most overwhelming global crisis of our generation (knock on wood).

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Onda verde 2020

The game is out! Play it here:

Below is the original post:

A new game presented by Matajuegos is coming! Onda verde 2020 is the sequel to Onda verde, the game we released in 2018 in support of the 8A march for the right to safe, legal, and free abortions.

In just a few days, the Argentine Senate is going to debate this fundamental right again (in a context in which looking for alternatives to marching physically is more important than ever before) and we want to participate of that day with the release of our game.

We need your help!

The game is going to represent a multitudinous march for the right to choose, and we need virtual protesters. Go to the link above and send us a 100×100 pixels PNG image with transparent background. I can by a drawing of yourself marching or a made up character.

Share this call for submissions with your friends and in social media with the hashtag #OndaVerdeJuego!

We hope to see you there!

Ides of March

More than four years ago, in her article, The Language of Videogames, Elizabeth Ryerson wrote:

…a substantial critical discussion of a medium brings with it a more enlightened public sphere, which also brings more interesting and new uses of that medium into the world. This really doesn’t exist right now for videogames.

Since 2011 several projects and publications have filled in that discursive void. We might even say that Ryerson’s reproach no longer applies to videogame criticism — or at least, not to the great body of work which has been written in English.

When it comes to criticism written in Spanish, however, Reyrson’s reproach and many more still ring true. Surely there are exceptions, but the necessity to have more profound conversations about videogames is sorely felt, and it is constantly searching for spaces in which to bloom.

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