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Onda verde 2020

The game is out! Play it here:

Below is the original post:

A new game presented by Matajuegos is coming! Onda verde 2020 is the sequel to Onda verde, the game we released in 2018 in support of the 8A march for the right to safe, legal, and free abortions.

In just a few days, the Argentine Senate is going to debate this fundamental right again (in a context in which looking for alternatives to marching physically is more important than ever before) and we want to participate of that day with the release of our game.

We need your help!

The game is going to represent a multitudinous march for the right to choose, and we need virtual protesters. Go to the link above and send us a 100×100 pixels PNG image with transparent background. I can by a drawing of yourself marching or a made up character.

Share this call for submissions with your friends and in social media with the hashtag #OndaVerdeJuego!

We hope to see you there!

Onda verde

Update: We did it! We released the game. Thank you so much to everyone who participated. You can play it on the following link: Onda verde at Itch.io.

Next up, the original post:

Today in Matajuegos we’re announcing the free, safe, and legal web game, Onda verde (Green wave), to be released this August 8th in support of the march for the right to free, safe, and legal abortion in Argentina.

But we need your help!

Our game is going to depict a march towards the Argnetinean Congress, and we need virtual protesters. Go to the link up there and send us a 100×100 px image with a transparent background. It can be a drawing of yourself protesting or a made up character.

We hope you can come!